DHL Express

ShipEngine’s DHL Express integration allows you to create international labels and ship packages to supported countries all over the world. 

This article includes:

Connect a DHL Express Account to ShipEngine

If you want to connect your DHL Express account to ShipEngine, you must have an active DHL Express account. If you need to open a new DHL Express account, fill out the form on the Request a DHL Express page

Once your DHL Express account is setup, you can connect it to ShipEngine.

  1. Go to the Connections section of your ShipEngine Dashboard.

  2. Select Add a Carrier.

  3. Select the DHL Express tile.

  4. Fill in your DHL Express account number and nickname.

  5. Click Connect.

Available DHL Express Services



Express Worldwide

A door-to-door delivery by the end of the next possible business day. Available from and to all pickup and delivery locations worldwide. Multi-package supported. 

Express Envelope

Door -to-door delivery of documents up to 300g by the end of the next possible business day. Available from specific countries to delivery locations worldwide. Multi-package supported.





I'm getting an error that indicates DHL Express can't find the recipient address when attempting to create labels. What should I do?

Typically these errors will be displayed in one of two ways:

  1. Cannot determine destination service. Check recipient information and resubmit. If this problem reoccurs contact your technical service representative.
  2. The destination country X location postal code Y or City Z is invalid. Please check the destination country location details.

Both of these errors indicate that the recipient address is not formatted properly for DHL Express shipments. Compare the address details using the DHL Compatibility Tool and correct the address where needed.