ShipEngine Carriers

ShipEngine Carriers gives you one payment method that can buy labels from multiple carriers. Currently, ShipEngine Carriers includes USPS and UPS service providers.

ShipEngine Carriers works like a single postage account in ShipEngine for you to create labels and have access to our select rates for services with preferred shipping associates. There’s no need to create individual accounts with them. With ShipEngine Carriers, you set up the billing method you wish to use and purchase your labels.

Connect ShipEngine Carriers 

To start using ShipEngine Carriers, log in to the ShipEngine dashboard and follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Connections section of your ShipEngine account.

  2. Click the Setup button toward the upper right of the page.

  3. Add your billing information.

  4. Click Next.
  5. Click I Agree.

  6. You should now see two colored titles and carrier IDs for USPS and UPS

Note: With ShipEngine Carriers, you will not have access to a USPS or UPS account. 

Add Funds to ShipEngine Carriers

After you have set up ShipEngine Carriers, you will need to add funds in order to begin making labels. 

Note: All shipments created using ShipStation Carriers are prepaid and use a shared pool of funds.

  1. Log in to the ShipEngine dashboard and go to the Connections section.

  2. In the ShipEngine Carriers section, click Add Funds.

  3. Configure the funding options you want to use with ShipEngine Carriers.

Note: We recommend using auto-funding to ensure the balance never falls below a set threshold amount to avoid errors interrupting your workflow.

Discounted Rates

In addition to being able to manage multiple carriers from one postage account, ShipEngine Carriers gives you access to discounted rates from both USPS and UPS, including cubic pricing for USPS shipments!

To learn more about these discounted rates, reach out to our sales team.