Voiding Labels

You may need to void a label if, for example, a shipment was cancelled or a label was created by mistake. The process is similar for any label, but the refund process may differ depending on the carrier. 

Note: Not all carriers allow for voiding labels. For more information, reach out to the carrier directly to see how their void and refund policies work. 

How to Void a Label

ShipEngine offers a void label endpoint that accepts a label_id so we know which label you would like to void. The response body will include a boolean value to indicate if the void request was approved and a message from the carrier. The message value will vary depending on the carrier used to create the label. 

	"approved": true,
	"message": "Request for refund submitted. This label has been voided."

Refund Process

The process of refunding a label will have requirements or restrictions based on the carrier the label was originally purchased from.

USPS Labels

To qualify for electronic reimbursement: 

  1. The shipment must not have been scanned by USPS
  2. The refund must be requested within a certain number of days after generating the label: 
    1. Stamps.com = 28 days
    2. Endicia = 30 days

For Stamps.com, the refund will be credited to your postage account within three to four weeks of the request. 

Important: If you use ShipEngine to void a USPS label that has already been scanned, your request will be ignored by USPS and you will NOT receive a refund. Errors are generally returned by the carrier when the label has passed the void deadline or the shipment was already delivered to its final destination. 

Post-billed Carrier Accounts

Post-billed carrier accounts, like UPS and FedEx, do not charge for shipping labels that are not used and scanned by those carriers. 

Voiding labels for a post-billed carrier is not necessary. Labels can still be voided for these carriers for reporting purposes if desired.