Purolator (CA)

Purolator is Canada's leading integrated-freight and parcel-solutions provider. ShipEngine's integration with Purolator allows you to get rates, create domestic and international shipping labels, and ship regular packages, dangerous goods, and shipments that require special handling.

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Connection Requirements:

Connect Purolator to ShipEngine

To connect your Purolator account to ShipEngine, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the E-Ship Resource Centre and click Register.
  2. Select the option I want an Activation Key to set up Purolator shipping with my online store.
  3. Fill out the profile information as requested.
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions, then click Submit registration.
  5. Check your email. You should have a confirmation email from Purolator. Click the link within the email to open a page to Obtain an Activation Key.
  6. Select ShipEngine in the Which e-commerce platform is your online store using? drop-down menu.
  7. Verify that you are the account holder or primary contact person for this Purolator Business account and Submit the form.
  8. Copy the Purolator Activation key that will appear after you submit the form.
  9. Open a new tab or browser window and log in to your ShipEngine account.
  10. Go to Connections.
  11. Click the Add a Carrier button.
  12. Select the Purolator tile.
  13. Enter your Purolator Account Number and Activation Key, and choose an Account Nickname that you'll use to identify the carrier account in ShipEngine.
  14. Click Connect.

Available Features

Common ShipEngine Features: 



Domestic Shipping


International Shipping


Electronic Customs Submission


Return Labels


Estimated Rates


Carrier Insurance




Automatic Tracking


End of Day (Electronic)


End of Day (PDF)


Label Branding


Label Messages


Multi-package Shipments



Shipping Options: 

Domestic Services

Purolator Express

Purolator Express 9 AM

Purolator Express 10:30 AM

Purolator Express Evening

Purolator Ground

Purolator Ground 9AM

Purolator Ground 10:30AM

Purolator Ground Distribution

Purolator Ground Evening


International Services

Purolator Express International

Purolator Express International 9AM

Purolator Express International 10:30

Purolator Express International 12:00

Purolator Express U.S.

Purolator Express U.S. 9AM

Purolator Express U.S. 10:30AM

Purolator Express U.S. 12:00

Purolator Ground U.S.


Package Options


Express Box

Express Envelope

Express Pack


Confirmation Options

No Confirmation

Origin Signature Not Required

Residential Signature Domestic

Adult Signature Required

Residential Signature Int'l


Additional Features: 



Saturday Delivery

Allows for package delivery on Saturdays. This option is only valid for shipments with a Ship Date that lands on a Friday. See Purolator's page on Specialized Delivery Services for more information and restrictions.

Special Handling

Informs Purolator that the package will require special handling. See Purolator's page on Specialized Delivery Services for more information and restrictions.

Hold for Pickup

Allows the package to be held for the recipient to pickup, instead of delivering to their address. This option is only valid for shipments to Canadian addresses.


Integration Notes

Remember these points about ShipEngine's integration with Purolator:

  • Ship From Company must be 30 characters or less.
  • The standard weight limit for Purolator shipments is 70 lbs. Shipments heavier than 70 lbs will require Special Handling and receive a surcharge. The maximum weight for a Purolator shipment is 150 lbs.
  • Purolator labels can only be voided the same day they were created, and cannot be voided if they've been manifested.
  • All Customs and Dangerous Goods Declarations forms will print in 8.5"x11" format.
  • Purolator Ground US works for Continental US only. It will not work for Alaska or Hawaii.
  • Users can have only one active Purolator account in ShipEngine.
  • V2H 0G9 is not a serviceable postal code.
  • The following special services are not available in ShipEngine:
    • ExpressCheque
    • Chain of Signature
    • Advanced Shipment Notification
    • Custom Shipping Label
    • NAFTA Certificate of Origin
    • FCC Form
    • FDA Form

Troubleshooting Tips


How to troubleshoot or resolve

Why do I get the error "Receiver Company is invalid" when I create Purolator shipping labels?

This error message indicates the Ship To Company field is too long. Purolator limits this field to 30 characters. Try to shorten the Company Name, or to move it into one of the address lines.

Why do I get the error "International Detail line X at Element Description has an invalid Value" when I create Purolator shipping labels?

This error message indicates the Customs Description field is too long for one or more of the customs declarations. Purolator limits this field to 50 characters. Try to shorten the Customs Description to fewer than 50 characters.