Sendle (AU)

Our Sendle integration gives you all the features of Sendle and ShipEngine to make ecommerce order fulfillment quick and easy.

NOTE: Sendle is only available to Australian ShipEngine accounts. 

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Connection Requirements:

  • An active account with Sendle.
  • Billing details.
    • You must enter billing information into your Sendle account before it can successfully connect to ShipEngine.

Connect a Sendle account to ShipEngine

To connect your Sendle account to ShipEngine:

  1. Log in to your Sendle account.
  2. Go to Account Settings.
  3. Select the Sender Details tab and accept the Dangerous Goods Terms and Conditions.
  4. Select the Integrations tab, enter your Website and Parcel Estimate, then agree to terms and conditions. Click Claim access.
  5. Copy your Sendle ID and API Key provided on the next page.
  6. Open a new tab or browser window and log in to your ShipEngine account.
  7. Go to Connections.
  8. Select Add a Carrier.
  9. Select the Sendle tile.
  10. Enter your Sendle ID and API Key, and choose an Account Nickname to identify the carrier account in ShipEngine.
  11. Click Connect.

Available Features

Common Carrier Features:



Domestic Shipping


International Shipping


Return Labels


Estimated Rates


Carrier Insurance




Automatic Tracking


End of Day (Electronic)


End of Day (PDF)


Label Branding


Label Messages


Multi-package Shipments



Shipping Options:

Sendle Flat Rate


Sendle International


Package Options


Confirmation Options
No Authority to Leave
Authority to Leave


Additional Features:



Scheduled Pickups

Creating a Sendle label will automatically schedule a pickup based on the scheduled Ship Date.

See Sendle's page on Parcel pickups for more information and restrictions.

Contract Rates

If you have contract rates available for your Sendle account, those rates will automatically be displayed whenever you get rates for your ShipEngine shipments.

Door-to-door Delivery

Sendle picks up all shipments based on the scheduled shipDate and the origin address of the shipFrom location in ShipEngine

Insurance Cover Policy

Sendle includes cover for loss on all eligible parcels whether domestic or international for no extra charge.

Please review Sendle's Cover Policy outline for more details.

International Shipping

When the destination is outside of Australia, ShipEngine will print a CN22 form on a 4 x 6 inch label.

See Sendle's International Pickup article for more information on requirements for International pickup.

Label Messages

Label messages correspond to:

Label Message 1 = customer reference

Label Message 2 = receiver instructions (if blank defaults to confirmation type)

Label Message 3 = sender instructions (does not print on label)


Integration Notes

Remember the following about ShipEngine's integration with Sendle:

  • Due to COVID-19-related flight restrictions, Sendle cannot process any shipments over 2KG to Zone 2 & 3 (essentially any country except New Zealand).
  • ShipEngine will not create Sendle labels with a scheduled Ship Date of the current date. To allow for the pickup request to be sent to Sendle, all shipments will default to one business day ahead of the current date.
  • There may be a slight delay in label creation. It can take 5-10 seconds for Sendle to return a label PDF.
  • No returns, multi-package shipments, or end of day forms.
  • International Pickups require you to show your I.D. for the first 3 pickups. See Sendle's International Parcel Pickups Explained for full details on what you need.
  • Restricted items: Sendle shipments created with ShipEngine must follow Sendle's shipment policies. Review their What can't I Sendle article for details.
  • Rate shopping is not currently available.


Here are some common issues, potential causes, and troubleshooting tips.



How to troubleshoot or resolve

Why am I getting the error "Invalid Sendle ID or API Key" when trying to connect my Sendle account to ShipEngine?

This error message is typically caused by one of two things:

  1. The Sendle ID or API Key was not entered properly. Please ensure that the values you enter in ShipEngine match the Sendle ID and API Key provided by Sendle, and that there's no additional spaces before or after the values.
  2. Billing information has not been set up within the Sendle account. Log in to Sendle directly and check the Billing settings to ensure that billing information has been entered.

An Error Has Occurred Shipments <= 500g and with a Cubic Meter Volume <= .002m must be shipped with the Satchel package type

If your parcel weight is more than 500g, your dimensions also have to be over .002 cubic meters. This is when you would use Parcel as the package type.

Sendle: Shipments > 500g or with a Cubic Meter Volume > .002m must be shipped with the Parcel package type.

If your parcel weight is under 500g, your dimensions also need to be under .002 cubic meters. This is when you would use Satchel as the package type.