Australia Post (AU)

Australia Post is the leader in business and ecommerce shipping to Australia. Australia Post account holders can use ShipEngine to track, ship, and manage all their Australia Post shipments.

Our Australia Post integration now lets you ship internationally and create return labels, as well as ship wine!

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Connection Requirements: 

  • A Business Credit Account and a Parcel Contract. If you are not yet an account or contract customer, fill in the form on Australia Post's Get Started with eParcel page or call their National Customer Contact Centre.
  • An Australia Post developer account. Once Australia Post has approved your account, visit their page here to register and create a developer account.
  • Your Australia Post Username, Password, API Key and API Secret

Manifest Requirements: 

  • Australia Post requires a manifest for each day's shipments.

To manifest your Australia Post shipments, use ShipEngine's End of Day process. Instructions included in the Manifest Australia Post Shipments section below.

IMPORTANT: Failure to manifest will result in additional fees! Australia Post will add a surcharge to your monthly invoice for non-manifested shipments.

Connect Australia Post to ShipEngine

To connect your Australia Post account to ShipEngine, you must first register for a Shipping and Tracking API with Australia Post. You can then connect your account to ShipEngine.

IMPORTANT: These steps require an Australia Post developer account. If already registered, or have a MyPost account, please log in with those details.

Register for Australia Post API Access

  1. Log in to your developer account and go to the Australia Post Register for a Shipping & Tracking API Key page. Click the Register for a Key button.
  2. Fill in the form with the appropriate information. Separate multiple account numbers with commas to add more than one account at a time.

    Click Next.

  3. Select Yes to see the drop-down of Platform Partners. Find ShipEngine in the drop-down menu. Check the box to confirm consent and click Next.
  4. Select your state/territory from the drop-down menu.

  5. You may add more account numbers in the Comment box if they did not all fit on the first step.
  6. Click Send to finish the form.

    You will receive an email at the address specified on the first page of the form. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the setup.

    If you have any issues with the form or setup email, please contact the Customer Connectivity team at

Connect your account to ShipEngine

Log in to ShipEngine in a new tab or browser window.

  1. Go to Connections.
  2. Click the Add a Carrier button.
  3. Select the Australia Post tile.
  4. Enter your Australia Post Account Number, API Key and API Secret into the corresponding fields.
  5. Click Connect.

Available Features

Common ShipEngine Features:



Domestic Shipping


International Shipping


Electronic Customs Submission

Does Not Apply

Return Labels


Estimated Rates


Carrier Insurance




Automatic Tracking


End of Day (Electronic)


End of Day (PDF)


Label Branding


Label Messages


Multi-package Shipping



Shipping Options:

Domestic Services

Parcel Post

Parcel Post w/ Signature

Express Post eParcel

Express Post

Express Post w/ Signature

National Full Rate

Express National Full Rate

Parcel Post Wine

Express Post Wine + Signature

Express eParcel Post Returns

eParcel Post Returns


International Services

International Standard

International Standard with Signature

International Economy

International Economy with Signature

International Express - Merchandise


Package Options



Confirmation Options

No Authority to Leave

Authority to Leave

Safe Drop


Additional Features:



Manifest (End of Day) forms Required

Australia Post requires you to manifest your shipments (both outgoing and return shipments).

To avoid fees, submit a manifest (EOD) form by the 4th Sunday of every month.

For more information about Manifests and Order Summary Reports, visit the Australia Post User Guide PDF page.

Label Messages

ShipEngine Label messages #1 and #2 will print to sender reference fields on an Australia Post label.

Label Message #3 will print to the Delivery Instruction field.

Multi-Package available for Domestic Shipments

Multi-Package support is available for all Outbound Domestic Shipments. It is not available for international services or eParcel returns.


Integration Notes

Keep this in mind about ShipEngine's integration with Australia Post:

  • You cannot create International Labels over $2,000 in declared customs value.
  • Estimated delivery dates are not available. Please refer to Australia Post's delivery guidelines for estimated delivery times.
  • Australia Post requires an End of Day manifest or there will be fees added to your monthly invoice.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some common issues, potential causes, and troubleshooting tips.


How to Troubleshoot or Resolve

Error message when getting rates or creating a label: "Your combination of suburb, state & postcode doesn't match. Please review and try again."

This error means the customer's address is not valid per Australia Post. Compare the address with Australia Post's Find a postcode results and correct the address as needed.

Errors when creating an Australia Post manifest.

Sometimes, these errors indicate a slow response from Australia Post that ShipEngine was not able to process successfully, but the manifests are generated as expected on Australia Post's side.

If you have an eParcel account, log in and check your manifest history to see if the Australia Post manifest is available.

If you're not able to access the manifest there, please open a case with our support team with the full text of the error and the date of the shipments you were trying to close. If you were trying to close a specific selection of shipments (instead of the full day) please also include the list of shipments.

Phone entered is invalid 'shipments[0]'

The Ship From address and the eParcel account phone number do not match.

Adjust your Ship From address phone number in ShipEngine to match the eParcel account phone number.

Error Message: The transit cover amount cannot be greater than the total item contents value. (international labels)

MEANING: The Carrier Insurance amount is higher than the customs amount.

FIX: Change the insurance total to be equal to or less than the total customs declaration amount.