Documents FAQ

This FAQ covers common questions about documents produced with ShipEngine. Additional links to knowledge base articles with more in-depth information are included throughout.

What label sizes does ShipEngine support?

ShipEngine PDF prints 4"x6" shipping labels (or 100mm x 150mm for metric users) or letter size (8.5’’x11’’).

There are a few things to note about ShipEngine labels:

  • The 8.5"x11" option prints two 4"x6" labels per page when you are printing multiple labels at the same time.

  • ZPL is only available in 4’’x6’’ format.

  • ShipEngine does not print standard-sized stamps or 2"x3" address labels.

Learn more about Label Formats and Sizes.

How do I void a label and request a refund?

See our article to learn how to void a label and request a refund.

Can I un-void a label?

No. Once a label is voided, it cannot be unvoided. However, you can create a new label for that order. Keep in mind, some selling channels will not accept a 2nd tracking number from ShipEngine.

If that is the case, you may want to manually update the new tracking number on your selling channel for that order

What happens to unused return labels?

Depending on your carrier, you may be charged when you create the label, or you may only be charged if the label is used.

Do labels expire if I don't use them right away?

In most cases, no. However, different carriers can have different policies when it comes to label expiration. Check with your carrier for details.

How can I add a product name or SKU on a shipping label?

To add information like product names or SKUs to a shipping label, add a custom label message.

Does ShipEngine print USMCA forms for international shipments?

Currently, ShipEngine does not receive USMCA forms (formerly called NAFTA forms) from carriers for international shipments. If you'd like to include a USMCA form with a shipment, you must download and fill out the form outside of ShipEngine.