DHL Express (CA)

ShipEngine's integration with DHL Express allows you to create international shipping labels so you can ship your packages anywhere in the world.


As of 1 April, 2020, DHL Express will add an emergency situation surcharge for deliveries. You will see this surcharge reflected in your rate estimate and Carrier Fee in ShipEngine. For more information about the surcharge, see the DHL Express Emergency Situation Surcharge page.

There are also some temporary service adjustments for Time Definite International Services. See Service Information Coronavirus for up to date information.

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Connection Requirements:

  • An active account with DHL Express Canada. If you do not yet have an account, go to the DHL Express Open an Account page to get started.
  • Your DHL Express account number.

Connect a DHL Express account to ShipEngine

To connect your DHL Express account to ShipEngine, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Connections.

  2. Click the Add a Carrier button.

  3. Select the DHL Express tile.

  4. Enter your DHL Express Account Number and choose an Account Nickname that you'll use to identify the carrier account in ShipEngine.
  5. Click Connect.

Available Features

Common ShipEngine Features:



Domestic Shipping


International Shipping


Electronic Customs Submission


Return Labels


Estimated Rates


Carrier Insurance




Automatic Tracking


End of Day (Electronic)


End of Day (PDF)


Label Branding


Label Messages


Multi-package Shipments



Shipping Options: 

International Services

Economy Select 

Express 9:00

Express 9:00 Documents

Express 10:30

Express 10:30 Documents

Express 12:00

Express 12:00 Documents

Express Worldwide

Express Worldwide Documents


Package Options



Confirmation Options

Electronic Signature


Additional Features:



Paperless Trade (PLT)

ShipEngine will automatically try to submit customs information electronically through DHL Express' PLT service. If ShipEngine is not able to submit customs information through PLT (either because it's not enabled for your DHL Express account or because the destination country does not support PLT), you will need to print any necessary customs forms.

Third-Party and Recipient billing

You can assign the billing to a third-party or recipient DHL Express account using Advanced Options.

Schedule Pickup

Use the Schedule Pickup endpoint to schedule pickups with DHL Express. 


Integration Notes

Here are some things you should know about ShipEngine's integration with DHL Express:

  • There is a limit of 99 packages when using multi-package options with a maximum total weight of 1000 kgs (2200 lbs).
  • DHL Express requires a Company Name in both the Ship To and Ship From address fields. If no Company Name is available, ShipEngine will reuse the Name field.
  • ShipEngine will combine all three Label Messages into a message that will display as Ref #1 on the DHL Express shipping labels.
  • No rates for reseller accounts will appear in ShipEngine. Rates for reseller accounts will not display in ShipEngine unless they link their rates with InXpress, Preferred Shipping. 

DHL FEE ADJUSTMENTS: DHL reserves the right to charge adjustments for administrative and other costs. It is the shipper's responsibility to address all DHL shipment fees and subsequent adjustments. To ensure your rates in ShipEngine are accurate, be sure to always enter the true weight and dimensions of all shipments before creating the labels. See the DHL website for more details or contact DHL support.



How to troubleshoot or resolve

I have an error that indicates DHL Express can't find the recipient address when I attempt to create labels. What should I do?

Typically these errors will be displayed in one of two ways:

  1. Cannot determine destination service. Check recipient information and resubmit. If this problem reoccurs contact your technical service representative.
  2. The destination country X location postal code Y or City Z is invalid. Please check the destination country location details.

Both of these errors indicate that the recipient address is not formatted properly for DHL Express shipments. Compare the address details using the DHL Compatibility Tool and correct the address where needed.