In ShipEngine, you can save your shipping origin address and your return address in a pair called a warehouse. Learn more about shipping from a warehouse in our developer documentation.

Some address fields are required for certain services to work properly. For example, to return accurate rate quotes, UPS requires the Origin Street 1, City, State, Postal Code, and Country in your ship from address.

If you have multiple origin or return addresses, you can create multiple warehouse locations. There is no limit on the number of warehouses you can have in your account.

Origin Address Country

Your ship_from address must match the country of origin you selected when you signed up for your ShipEngine account.

Origin Address vs. Return Address

The Create a Warehouse request will include both an origin address and a return address. These two addresses serve different purposes when shipping.

The origin address is used to calculate shipping costs. This address lets the carrier know where your packages are shipping from and allows the carrier to accurately determine rates.

The return address is the address that will be printed on your outgoing label. This address determines where any packages will be returned to in the event that the package cannot reach its destination.

These addresses are often the same. However, there are times when packages ship from one location and need to be returned to a different location. Creating and using a warehouse allows unique addresses to be specified for each of these purposes.


Some carriers require shipping manifests that list all shipments for that carrier each day. Different carriers refer to this list using different terms: shipment manifest, SCAN form, Order Summary, End of Day form, etc. ShipEngine uses the term manifest to refer to these documents.

Creating manifests in ShipEngine requires using a warehouse for your shipments or labels.

Home Country Limitations

Currently, ShipEngine supports shipping out of the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

When you create a ShipEngine account, choose one of the above four options as a home country. All origin and return addresses will need to be within the designated home country.

Only Domestic Returns Are Supported

ShipEngine does not currently support international returns.