Getting Started with ShipEngine

The ShipEngine dashboard is the user interface that provides a centralized overview of your ShipEngine account information.

In this article, we give a brief overview of the following features to help you get started:

  • The dashboard and Billable Actions section.

  • Accessing the sandbox.

  • Generating your production API keys.

Billable Actions

The Billable Actions provide a high-level overview of labels you create with ShipEngine as well as fees and costs associated with them.

An example of the ShipEngine dashboard with Billable Actions highlighted

Legacy Dashboard

Usage Dashboards are available in the legacy dashboard view at In the new dashboard, Usage Dashboards are now called Billable Actions!


ShipEngine accounts can access a Sandbox environment. Here, you can manage your test API keys and view the provided Sandbox carriers and their corresponding carrier_id.

Go to the Environment drop-down and select Sandbox to switch to the sandbox.

Full-screen view of the ShipEngine Sandbox dashboard, with Sandbox environment selected

Sandbox API Keys

The Sandbox API Keys will all begin with TEST and can only be used with the provided sandbox carriers.


In the API Keys section, you will find your production API keys that can be used to integrate with your live carriers and marketplaces.

ShipEngine API Keys Setup page with product API key created

In the Webhooks section, you can set up webhooks for specific events:

Webhooks settings with Available Webhooks and Settings up Webhooks options