The ShipEngine Dashboard

The ShipEngine dashboard is a user-interface that provides a centralized overview of your ShipEngine account information. 

Usage Dashboard

The usage dashboard provides a high-level overview of labels you create with ShipEngine as well as fees and costs associated with them. Below is an image of the usage dashboard, the default view when you log into your account.



For US ShipEngine accounts, you will see a Sandbox section where you can manage your test API keys and view the provided Sandbox carriers and their corresponding carrier_id


NOTE: The Sandbox API Keys will all begin with TEST and can only be used with the provided sandbox carriers.


The Connections section of the dashboard contains your live carrier connections as well as any marketplace connections you have established. 


To enable a third-party insurance provider called Shipsurance, go to the Connections tab in the left-hand sidebar section of your account and then choose the Insurance tab:


NOTE: In order to use Shipsurance, you must first add billing information. 

API Management

In the API Management section, you will find your production API keys that can be used in conjunction with your live carriers and marketplaces. 


Set up webhooks in the API Management section by selecting the Webhooks tab:


Account Settings

Find your billing and user information under Account settings in the billing section. Here, you can view available plan options, invoices, and billing details. You can also cancel your ShipEngine account from this section. 


The Users tab lists active users for your account. When you signup for ShipEngine, you automatically create your first user! 


You can add user accounts, edit information, and disable users as needed from this section of your dashboard.

Branding Settings

ShipEngine also offers the ability to create branded tracking pages and logos. 

In the dashboard, you can create a tracking theme by clicking + Add a Theme:


This will then allow you to create a theme name, choose the theme’s colors, add a logo, and set up social media or website links.

Once you’ve created the theme, you’ll see the Theme Name and an auto-generated ID that you can use to generate the Branded Tracking URLs that you can provide to your customers.

In addition to branded tracking pages, you can also upload your company’s logo to be featured on labels created through ShipEngine. 


NOTE: The branded labels feature is currently only available for specific carriers and services. Additionally, carriers predetermine placement of the logo on the label, and this cannot be adjusted.