(US) is a USPS postage reseller that grants access to all standard services offered by USPS, as well as additional international shipping options through GlobalPost.

This article includes:

Connect a account to ShipEngine

  1. Select the Connections button in the left-hand navigation bar of your ShipEngine account.
  2. Select Add a Carrier.
  3. Select the United States Postal Service by tile.
  4. Choose the radio button that says, “I already have a account”.
  5. Enter your username and password and then click Next.

You’re now ready to start creating USPS labels with your account!

Set Up Auto-Funding

Configure ShipEngine to automatically purchase postage when your account balance dips below a certain amount.

  1. Click the Connections tab in the left-hand side navigation bar.
  2. Click Add Funds for your account listed under the Other Shipping Providers section.
  3. Select the Set up Auto-Funding radio button, and set the minimum balance before more postage is automatically purchased. For example, if you wanted to purchase $100 any time your account balance is below $250, set the When balance drops below amount to ‘250’ and the Automatically fund by this amount to ‘100’. Then enter the maximum number of times ShipEngine should automatically purchase postage in a day next to Stop after this many times per day.
  4. Click Submit 

Reset a Account Password

When you update your account password with, you will need to update the password in ShipEngine as well. Otherwise, you will encounter an error when attempting to use USPS services.

  1. Click Edit beside the account that needs an updated password listed under the Other Shipping Carriers on the Connections page. 
  2. Click Reauthorize in the new window that opens. 
  3. Enter your updated password, then click Confirm. 

Now you’ll be able to start shipping with again!

Available Features

Common ShipEngine Features:



Domestic Shipping


International Shipping


Electronic Customs Submission


Return Labels


Estimated Rates


Carrier Insurance




Automatic Tracking


End of Day (Electronic)


End of Day (PDF)


Label Branding


Label Messages


Multi-package Shipping



Shipping Options:

Domestic Services

USPS First Class Mail

USPS Media Mail

USPS Parcel Select Ground*

USPS Priority Mail

USPS Priority Mail Express


International Services

USPS First Class Mail Int'l

USPS Priority Mail Int'l

USPS Priority Mail Express Int'l


Package Options


Flat Rate Envelope

Flat Rate Legal Envelope

Flat Rate Padded Envelope

Large Envelope or Flat

Large Flat Rate Box

Large Package (any side > 12")


Medium Flat Rate Box

Regional Rate Box A

Regional Rate Box B

Small Flat Rate Box

Thick Envelope


Confirmation Options

No Confirmation



Adult Signature


Additional Features:



Scheduled Pickups

After creating labels with services, you can schedule a carrier pickup. 

Manage Funds through ShipEngine

Add funds to your account through ShipEngine, using the credit card you have on file with You can also set up auto-funding and always have funds available to create shipping labels.


Use ShipEngine to generate USPS SCAN forms for your shipping labels.


NOTE: To meet USPS requirements ShipEngine will always display postage for First Class Mail with the Large Envelope/Flat package type.

Create USPS Labels for Tubes or Rolls

This section explains how to ship tubes via USPS First Class and Priority services. For each service, the same weight and size restrictions that apply to packages also apply to tubes.

While ‘Tube’ is not currently an available package type in ShipEngine, recommends using ‘Package’ as the package type for these shipments. Enter the tube’s correct dimensions to ensure that label charges reflect the proper rate, whether you are using your own custom packaging or the USPS provided Dual-Use Priority and Priority Mail Express tubes.  

TIP: Reference the USPS 201e Quick Service Guide to help determine the girth of a package.

USPS First Class Mail

For tubes, the height and width will be the same. USPS determines the rate by the weight of the package.

Max weight

15.99 oz

Max dimensions

(L) 22" x (H) 18" x (W) 15"


USPS Priority Mail

Priority Mail is zone-based pricing. That means for certain zip codes you will have to enter the dimensions of your tube in order to obtain the correct rate. Entering dimensions is always recommended to ensure your packages receive the correct rate from the postage provider. Incorrect dimensions can result in packages being returned, or rate adjustments applied to your postage provider account after shipping.

Max weight

70 lbs

Max dimensions

Length + Girth < 108"


USPS Dual-Use Tubes

If you ship using the small or medium Priority Mail or Express tubes provided by the USPS, you will still select ‘Package’ for the package type and enter the dimensions for the tubes into ShipEngine.