Notice of ShipEngine Help Center Updates: October 2nd, 2021

For enhanced security and improved support, ShipEngine will be adding SSO / application authentication for users to interact with the ShipEngine Help Center. This means you must be logged in to view the “My Requests” page and to chat with ShipEngine support staff. This will not impact your ability to contact support via email. 

Support chat will continue to be available through the ShipEngine dashboard app, and signed in users will also be able to access support chat on the ShipEngine help center. We are also adding a new chat option to speak directly with our Sales staff. This option will be available on and clearly denoted as a Sales chat option.


To provide you the best, most efficient support, we are adding this extra layer of security to ensure only current, active customers are able to reach our support staff for quick response and resolution. Additionally, this new step will improve overall data security, guaranteeing that your information continues to stay secure. 


Starting on October 2, 2021 all ShipEngine users will need to log in to their ShipEngine account in order to view the “My Requests” section and chat directly with ShipEngine support on the help center.  


Only users who have ShipEngine accounts will be able to view the “My Requests” section and chat with ShipEngine support directly. 

If you do not have a ShipEngine account, you can continue to access the Help Center articles, submit email support tickets, and chat directly with Sales staff. This transition does not impact the ability to view any Help Center articles or to reach support via email. 

Any replies to tickets created before October 1 at 6 PM CST will generate a new ticket with our support team. There is no action needed on your part. We have retained all previous support communications and we will make sure to merge any new information provided to your existing ticket.

If you get a response from our team on a communication created before October 1 at 6 PM CST, a new ticket number and email thread will appear. The new ticket will have the same ticket history as the old ticket. Please reply on the new thread to continue working with our team.


Thank you for your patience as we work to improve your support experience!