Amazon Buy Shipping API

ShipEngine's integration with Amazon Buy Shipping API allows you to create shipping labels for Amazon Merchant Fulfilled orders. You can import these orders either from your directly connected Amazon Marketplace account or from Rithum (formerly ChannelAdvisor). Amazon Buy Shipping is available for accounts shipping from the United States and United Kingdom.


  • Amazon Buy Shipping API does not support international shipments or custom label messages.

  • If Amazon determines the selected service will not guarantee the shipment's arrival in the required time frame, Amazon will return the alert "Selected service is not compatible with other settings" and prevent you from creating the label for that order. In these cases, you will need to select a faster service.


    Give yourself enough time to pick, pack, and ship your orders!

    The last pick-up time for each shipping service will impact the availability of the shipping service when you purchase a shipping label using services from the Amazon Buy Shipping API. You may not see your preferred shipping services if the label purchase time is less than an hour from the last carrier pick-up time you defined.

  • You cannot edit the recipient address for shipments using Amazon Buy Shipping API services. All labels will use the recipient address Amazon has on file for the order. If you must update the recipient address, you must log into Amazon Seller Central to make the change.

  • You cannot create multi-package shipments in ShipEngine when using Amazon Buy Shipping API services. To create multi-package shipments, you must do so in Amazon Seller Central.

  • End of Day manifests are not currently supported by ShipEngine for Amazon Buy Shipping API labels. End of Day manifests are not required but can be printed via Amazon's shipping portal.

  • To use your own carrier account rates for the Amazon Buy Shipping API, you must connect your carrier accounts within Amazon's shipping portal. Review Amazon’s Seller Central help article to learn how to connect your own carrier accounts to use with the Amazon Buy Shipping API (requires you to log into Amazon Seller Central).

  • If using Rithum to import your Amazon orders, the Amazon Buy Shipping API integration will only function for orders imported from the Amazon store you most recently connected to ShipEngine.

Amazon Buy Shipping API Requirements

  • Amazon Buy Shipping is available to US and UK ShipEngine accounts only.

  • Amazon Merchant Fulfilled orders imported from either an Amazon Marketplace or Rithum store connected to ShipEngine.

  • Your Amazon Seller Central email address.

  • At least one of the following carriers is configured in your Amazon Seller Central account: Amazon Shipping, DPD, or Royal Mail.

  • You must log in to Amazon and agree to terms and conditions for any shipping carrier you intend to use.

Connect Amazon Buy Shipping API to ShipEngine

To connect your Amazon Buy Shipping API account in the ShipEngine dashboard:

  1. Select the Amazon Buy Shipping tile from the Available Carriers pop-up window.

    Amazon Buy shipping logo. Button that reads, Connect
  2. Enter your Seller Central Email and a Nickname to identify your account in ShipEngine.

    Amazon Buy Shipping registration form pop-up with credential fields highlighted
  3. Review the Terms and Conditions, then check the box next to Accept terms and conditions.

  4. Click the Connect button.

Amazon Buy Shipping API Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some common issues, potential causes, and troubleshooting tips.


How to Troubleshoot or Resolve

Error: Selected service is not compatible with other settings (package type, weight, size)

What it means: This error message may appear when getting rates or creating labels with Amazon Buy Shipping API. It can occur for a few different reasons, but the most common are:

  • The selected shipping service does not support the package type, weight, or dimensions you've entered for the shipment.

  • The selected shipping service would not get the package to the customer in time for the Prime guaranteed delivery date.

Error: Resource Not Found

What it means: This error message will occur if ShipEngine is able to communicate with Amazon but Amazon isn't able to find the order in the Amazon account ShipEngine is trying to access.

This error message is most commonly seen when using a Rithum (formerly ChannelAdvisor) store connection that is importing orders from multiple Amazon accounts. ShipEngine relies on an existing Amazon store connection that contains the Amazon credentials needed to communicate with the Amazon Buy Shipping API. ShipEngine cannot determine which specific Amazon store a Rithum order originated from, so it will always attempt to use the credentials from the most recently connected Amazon store. This error message will display if the order in question does not belong to that Amazon store.

What to do: To resolve this issue, you will need to create a new store connection in ShipEngine that is linked to the Amazon account you will be shipping Merchant Fulfilled orders for. Then, make the store inactive so you can process the orders imported through Rithum.

If shipping Merchant Fulfilled orders for multiple Amazon stores, we recommend you use ShipEngine's direct Amazon integration to import those orders instead of Rithum.