Parcelforce Worldwide (UK)

Parcelforce Worldwide is one of the UK's leading parcel delivery services.

Visit Parcelforce's Enquire about an account page to get started.

UK Only

Parcelforce Worldwide is currently only available for UK-based ShipEngine accounts.

This article contains:

Parcelforce Worldwide Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • An active account with Parcelforce Worldwide.

  • Parcelforce Account Number, Password, and Department ID (usually this is "1")

  • FTP Username and Password (OPTIONAL, but required for tracking within ShipEngine)

  • You must generate sample labels with test credentials and have those sample labels approved by Parcelforce. Once approved, you'll be able to enter your production credentials to start creating real labels.

International Requirements:

  • Parcelforce returns a CN23 form to ShipEngine based on the shipment's customs information.

  • ShipEngine will provide a commercial invoice from Parcelforce when required. Print three of these and include them with the shipment.

Connect a Parcelforce Worldwide Account to ShipEngine

You must generate sample labels with your test Parcelforce Worldwide account and send them to Parcelforce for approval before connecting your account with production credentials.

The following steps will guide you through connecting your test account and then your production account after the sample labels are approved.

To connect your Parcelforce Worldwide account to ShipEngine:

  1. Select the Parcelforce Worldwide tile:

    ParcelForce logo
  2. Enter your Parcelforce Worldwide ExpressLink Username, ExpressLink Password, Contract Number, and Department ID.

    You do not need to enter the SFTP Username and Password at this time.

  3. Choose an Account Nickname to identify the carrier account in ShipEngine, and click the checkbox next to Test Account.

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Using the Parcelforce Worldwide test account, create a pack of sample labels using each Parcelforce Worldwide shipping service for which your account is approved.

    If you're unsure which services your account is approved for, or if you need guidance on what should be included on the sample labels, please contact your Parcelforce Worldwide account representative.

  6. Once Parcelforce Worldwide approves your sample pack, go back to the ShipEngine Connections page and click the Remove button next to Parcelforce Worldwide to remove the test account.

  7. Select Add a Carrier.

  8. Select the Parcelforce Worldwide tile.

  9. Enter your account information as you did in Step 4, but do not check the box next to "Test Account".

  10. Click Connect.

SFTP Username and Password

The SFTP Username and SFTP Password are not required but are necessary for automatic tracking to function in ShipEngine.

If you do not include the SFTP credentials, you'll still be able to create labels and track shipments through Parcelforce Worldwide directly.

Available Features



Domestic Shipping

Green checkmark. Supported feature. Yes.

International Shipping

Red X mark. Unsupported feature. No.

Return Labels

Green checkmark. Supported feature. Yes.

Estimated Rates

Red X mark. Unsupported feature. No.

Carrier Insurance

Green checkmark. Supported feature. Yes.


Green checkmark. Supported feature. Yes.

Automatic Tracking

Red X mark. Unsupported feature. No.

End of Day (Electronic)

Red X mark. Unsupported feature. No.

End of Day (PDF)

Red X mark. Unsupported feature. No.

Label Branding

Red X mark. Unsupported feature. No.

Label Messages

Red X mark. Unsupported feature. No.

Multi-package Shipments

Red X mark. Unsupported feature. No.

Services and Options Parcelforce Engine

Parcelforce Domestic Services

  • Express 10

  • Express 10 Courier Pack

  • Express 24

  • Express 24 Courier Pack

  • Express 24 Large

  • Express 48

  • Express 48 Large

  • Express 9

  • Express 9 Courier Pack

  • Express AM

  • Express AM Courier Pack

  • Express AM Large

  • Express PM

  • Globalpriority H M Forces

  • Parcel Rider

Parcelforce Package Types

  • Package

  • Custom Packages

Confirmation Options

  • Signature

Additional Features

ShipEngine's integration with Parcelforce Worldwide allows for the following additional features:



Saturday Delivery

You can include Saturday Delivery as an Advanced Option in your Parcelforce Worldwide label requests. See Parcelforce Worldwide's page on Saturday Delivery for more information and restrictions.

Drop-Off Options

After creating your shipping labels, arrange a pickup with Parcelforce Worldwide directly, or drop parcels off at a local Post Office Branch or Parcelforce Worldwide depot.

Integration Notes

  • ShipEngine is not able to display estimated shipping rates for Parcelforce Worldwide shipments.

  • All shipments through Parcelforce Worldwide must include a Ship To Phone Number.

  • Parcelforce Worldwide requires both a first name and last name in the Ship To and Ship From addresses.

  • Weight and dimensions are required for all shipments.

  • All shipments require a signature upon delivery as the delivery confirmation option.

  • Parcelforce Worldwide labels cannot be voided in ShipEngine. Parcelforce Worldwide corporate accounts bill upon the label being scanned, so you should not be charged for labels that are not used.

  • ShipEngine's Branded Tracking page does not support Parcelforce Worldwide shipments.