FedEx Ground Economy

After you've connected your FedEx account to ShipEngine, you can enable ShipEngine to display FedEx Ground Economy (formerly FedEx SmartPost) service options and use them to generate shipping labels. Follow the steps below to enable SmartPost options.

Requires FedEx Approval

Your FedEx account must be approved for any Ground Economy services you want to use in ShipEngine. See the FedEx Ground Economy shipping page for more information on Ground Economy services.

  1. Click the vertical ellipsis next to your connected FedEx account and select Edit.

    Actions menu open for FedEx connection, with "Edit" option selected.
  2. Check the box next to Enable SmartPost and select your SmartPost Hub and SmartPost Endorsement.

    FedEx Settings screen with "Enable SmartPost" option checked and the Hub and SmartPost Endorsement fields highlighted
  3. Click the Save button.

Once you complete these steps, you'll be able to use FedEx Ground Economy the same way you would use standard FedEx services.

Available Ground Economy Services

The following FedEx Ground Economy (formerly SmartPost) services are available for use within ShipEngine:

Service Name


Maximum Dimensions

FedEx SmartPost® Parcel Select Lightweight

0.01 to 1 lb

Sum of length plus girth cannot exceed 84"

FedEx SmartPost® Parcel Select

1 to 70 lbs

Sum of length plus girth cannot exceed 130"

FedEx SmartPost® Bound Printed Matter

0.01 to 15 lbs

Sum of length plus girth cannot exceed 84"

FedEx SmartPost® Media

0.01 to 70 lbs

Sum of length plus girth cannot exceed 84"

FedEx SmartPost® Returns

0.01 to 70 lbs

Sum of length plus girth cannot exceed 130"

Remember the following when you use Ground Economy services within ShipEngine:

  • Dimensions are required:

    • Minimum Dimensions: 6" (Length) X 4" (Width) X 1" (Height).

    • Maximum Dimensions: See chart above. No one dimension can be greater than 60".

  • The Return Address that appears on Ground Economy shipping labels is based on your FedEx account. The Ship From Location selected in ShipEngine will not be reflected on the label.

  • The FedEx tracking number in ShipEngine will provide tracking from pickup to delivery of Ground Economy shipments, even if the last mile delivery is handled by a different carrier.

  • FedEx Ground Economy labels only support Label Message 1, and it will appear as both text and a barcode. The barcode is not centered on the label like the tracking barcode.

  • FedEx SmartPost® Bound Printed Matter, FedEx SmartPost® Media, and FedEx SmartPost® Returns are not available for all accounts enabled for Ground Economy. Check with your FedEx Account Representative for requirements if you would like to use those services.

  • The FedEx SmartPost® Returns service can only be used when creating Return Labels in ShipEngine.

  • It can take up to 10 days after you've been approved for Ground Economy for the services to be available for use in third-party systems like ShipEngine.

  • You can use third-party and recipient billing options with Ground Economy services, but both the connected FedEx account and the bill to FedEx account must be approved for FedEx Ground Economy services. Collect on Delivery is not available for FedEx Ground Economy shipments.

  • Alcohol and Dry Ice cannot be included in FedEx Ground Economy shipments.