Can I ship internationally with ShipEngine?

Yes. You can create international shipments with any carrier in ShipEngine that provides international services. Creating international shipments requires additional inputs, like the customs object in the label request.

Most carriers also require that the customs form (also referred to as a commercial invoice) be included with your international shipment, though some will submit this electronically. When customs forms are available to be printed, they will be included in the JSON response as form_download.

Common International Shipment Errors

Error message

What the error means

How to resolve

International shipments require customs items

The create label request for an international shipment is missing a customs declaration.

Add a customs object to your create label request.

A shipping carrier error occurred: Unable to create FedEx shipment. Destination country is not Thermal Air WayBill enabled.

The FedEx International Ground service cannot be used because the destination country is not valid.

If you are shipping from the US, FedEx International Ground can only be used when shipping to Canada. If the destination country is not Canada, try using a different FedEx international service

Server was unable to process request. > Failed to convert parameter value from a Int32 to a Byte. > Value was either too large or too small for an unsigned byte.

At least one of the customs declaration line items has a quantity over 255.

Adjust your customs declarations quantity value to be below 255 per line item. You can have separate declarations for the same item to break up the quantity when it exceeds 255.