Australia Post MyPost Business (AU)

Australia Post is the national trusted carrier for eCommerce in Australia. Australia Post has partnered with ShipEngine so you can connect your MyPost Business account and create MPB labels through ShipEngine. A MyPost Business account is free to set up and gives you access to volume-based savings on domestic and international shipping.

MyPost Business Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • An active account with Australia Post MyPost Business.

  • MyPost Business API Token (the Merchant Token).

  • MyPost Business Payment Method.

Connect a MyPost Business Account to ShipEngine

To connect your Australia Post MyPost Business account in the ShipEngine dashboard:

  1. Select the Australia Post MyPost Business tile from the Available Carriers pop-up window.

  2. Enter your MyPost Business Merchant Token. See Australia Post's guide to finding your MyPost Business API token.

  3. Select your Payment Method:

    • Charge to merchant's MyPost Business Credit Account: Australia Post will bill your MPB label charges on a single invoice.

    • Charge to credit or debit card saved on merchant's MyPost Business Account: Your credit or debit card will be charged by Australia Post for each individual MPB label you create (even when creating labels in batches).

  4. Click the Connect button.

MyPost Business Available Features

ShipEngine's integration with Australia Post MyPost Business supports the following standard features:

Additional Features for MyPost Business

ShipEngine's integration with Australia Post MyPost Business allows for the following additional features:



Signature Required confirmation option

Australia Post MyPost Business adds a surcharge (Domestic: $2.95, International: $5.50) when you add the Signature Required confirmation type.

Find details about the Signature Required surcharge in this PDF of the MyPost Business postage rates guide.

Carrier Insurance

Australia Post MyPost Business lets you add carrier insurance for domestic and international shipments. See the section called Extra Cover on their Features and Extras page. The cost is $0 to insure shipments valued up to $100, and $4 per $100 after, up to $5000.

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Additional Details About the MyPost Business Integration

  • You cannot book an Australia Post MyPost Business (MPB) pickup in ShipEngine directly.

    Instead, after you have created the labels in ShipEngine from the MPB portal (you must be logged in to your MPB account), go to the Book a Pickup tab on MyPost Business for your shipments.


    Make sure to specify how many shipments you have in the Number of items drop-down within the form. Depending on the shipment cut-off time, you can either book for the same-day or next-day delivery.

  • You cannot ship dangerous goods with Australia Post MyPost Business.

  • To cancel a scheduled pickup, you must contact MyPost Business Support to process the cancelation and refunds.

  • You cannot void labels through ShipEngine. To void a label, you must log in to your MyPost Business account portal.

Troubleshooting Tips for MyPost Business Integration

Here are some common issues, potential causes, and troubleshooting tips.


How to troubleshoot or resolve

Error: The unit Value must be at least 1

What it means:This error means the customs declaration item value for one of the items is less than $1.

What to do: Make sure that the Item Value in the customs description is set to at least $1.

Error: The product ID is not available.

What it means: This error can refer to several issues including, but not limited to:

  • Using a shipping service that is not available to the destination country

  • Invalid name entered

  • Incorrect/invalid email address given

  • Incorrect/invalid mobile phone number given

The first issue may occur if you are attempting to create a label with Economy Air service from Australia to Canada. Economy Air service is currently suspended to Canada and the US. You must select a different service to ship to these destinations.

The AU Post website is routinely updated with new information regarding the impacts to deliveries as a result of COVID-19.

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