Free Plan

ShipEngine Plans

ShipEngine offers three plan types to meet the shipping needs of companies of all sizes. Each of our plan guides provides details about features included in the plan.

Our Advanced plan guide also includes details on call limits and overage fees to help you better estimate your costs.

ShipEngine Plans:

Our Free plan gives you the opportunity to experience the essentials of ShipEngine with no subscription fees. You will only pay for the labels you create.

When you connect a payment method on our Free plan, you will have access to discounted shipping rates through ShipEngine Carrier Accounts. Adding a payment method allows you to add funds to your ShipEngine Carrier Balance and purchase labels.

Creating labels with ShipEngine Carriers also provides access to API features that will give your business the competitive edge, from rate shopping and tracking webhooks, to creating customs forms and scheduling pickups.

Free Plan Features

The following API features come included in the Free plan:

  • US Address Validation

  • Global Address Validation

  • Schedule pickups

  • Manifests

  • Customs documentation

  • Manage Packages

  • Create Package types

  • Warehouses Addresses

  • Batch Shipments

  • Account Settings

  • Manage Carriers

  • Webhooks

  • Access to our Sandbox environment to test out the full API offering available on paid plans

Sign Up For Free Plan

When you select the Free Plan, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. This will give you access to ShipEngine Carriers to create labels at discounted rates.

Your credit card will only be charged for the labels you create.

30 Day Trial

If you do not enter a credit card during signup, you will be given access to the ShipEngine Sandbox environment for 30 days.

After your 30 day trial, you will be required to enter a credit card.

Upgrade Your Plan

You can upgrade your plan from the Free plan to a paid plan at any time. This will give you access to more API features, including:

  • Ability to connect your own carrier accounts

  • ShipEngine’s Tracking portal

  • Branded labels

  • Order sources

To upgrade, go to Subscription Plans and click the Change Plan button next to your current plan.

Notes about ShipEngine Free Plan

Free plans to do not include the following API functionality:

  • Estimated duties and tax

  • Search PUDO Locations

  • Create Partner User Accounts

  • Free plans do not accommodate your own carrier accounts. If you wish to bring your own accounts, you must upgrade to one of our paid plans.

  • You must add funds to your account before you can purchase labels from ShipEngine Carriers. You can do this on the Carrier Billing screen within the dashboard.