Advanced Plan

ShipEngine Plans

ShipEngine offers three plan types to meet the shipping needs of companies of all sizes. Each of our plan guides provides details about features included in the plan.

Our Advanced plan guide also includes details on call limits and overage fees to help you better estimate your costs.

ShipEngine Plans:

Our Advance plan is our most flexible option, designed around the number of labels you expect to create each month. The Advanced plan give you access to specialized features and the ability to scale up your label volume as your business grows.

You will have wider access to the API, including use of the address validation function whenever you require it.

Advanced Plan Features

The Advanced plan comes equipped with everything in our Free plan, as well as the following features:

  • Ability to connect your own carrier accounts

  • Standalone Address Validation endpoint

  • Branded labels

  • Track via API and the branded tracking portal

  • Connect unlimited order sources

  • Search Pick-Up, Drop-Off (PUDO) locations

Advanced Plan Pricing

The Advanced Plan has three pricing tiers, which you can choose based on your monthly shipment volume. If you exceed the label threshold of your selected plan, you will be charged an additional label fee according to your plan tier.

The monthly shipment volumes, subscription fee, and additional label fee for each Advanced Plan tier are:

Advanced Plan Tier




Monthly subscription for 1000 labels (Advanced 1K)

$75 / $0.075 additional label

£ 59 / £0.059 additional label

€69 / €0.069 additional label

Monthly subscription for 5000 labels (Advanced 5K)

$325 / $0.065 additional label

£250 / £0.05 additional label

€300 / €0.06 additional label

Monthly subscription for 10,000 labels (Advanced 10K)

$600 / $0.06 additional label

£450 / £0.045 additional label

€455 / €0.055 additional label

For each tier, one API call for the following functions is free for every label purchase within the plan’s monthly label limit.

  • Import order

  • Rate shopping

  • US Address validation

  • Parcel tracking

  • Search Pick-Up, Drop-Off points

Overage Fees

If you exceed the threshold of your selected plan, you’ll be charged the following overage fees for each additional API call used.

API Function




Import order




Rate Shopping




US Address validation




Parcel tracking




Search Pick-Up, Drop-Off points




Usage Fees

For all Advanced Plans, the following functions have a flat usage fee per call:

  • Global address validation

  • Estimated taxes & duties

  • Less-Than-Truckload

Any time you call these functions, you will be charged the following usage fees:

API Function




Global Address validation




Estimate tax & duties






Learn more about these fees in our detailed Overage Fees guide.

Change Advanced Plans

You can change your plan level at any time to fit your business's changing needs.

To change your plan, go to Subscription Plans and click the Change Plan button next to your current plan.


Changing Advanced Plans

If you select a different Advanced label volume plan, your new volume and overage limits will immediately be increased or decreased at a prorated rate for the remaining days in your billing cycle. The subscription fee for your new plan will begin on the first day of the next calendar month.

Downgrading to Free

If you change to the Free plan from any of the Advanced Plans, your new plan will start when your current billing period ends. After that, you will have access to the Free plan limited feature set and only be allowed to create labels with ShipEngine Carriers. If you have not enabled ShipEngine Carriers, you will be required to do so by entering a payment method.