Label Branding

With ShipEngine, you can add a customized image to your labels, so even your labels include your brand identity. If your account is on any of the Advanced Plans or an Enterprise plan, you can upload an image file in the Label Branding settings to have that image included on your shipping labels.

Please keep in mind, not all carriers or services support adding an image to the label. Additionally, the carriers pre-determine the size (usually around 1" x 1") and location of the image within their label template.

For best results, follow these guidelines for the image you upload to ShipEngine:

  • File type: PNG or JPG

  • Dimensions: 300 x 300 or smaller

  • Background: White or other solid color (no transparent backgrounds)

Upload a Label Branding Image

To upload a label image to ShipEngine:

  1. Go to Features > Label branding.

  2. Click Add your logo.

  3. Upload your image and enter a name for the logo.


    A preview of your logo will appear on the example label.

  4. Save your logo.

Once you’ve saved your logo, you'll see the Image Name and an auto-generated Image ID that you can use as the label_image_id value when creating labels. You can then upload additional images to generate the label image IDs you need to use and remove any images you no longer need at any time.