The ShipEngine Interface

The ShipEngine user interface provides a centralized overview of your ShipEngine account information. In this article, we give a brief overview of each page of the user interface.

Starting with the Dashboard, this page directs you to other pertinent pages in the UI, as well as access to Billable Actions. This provides a high-level overview of labels you create with ShipEngine as well as fees and costs associated with them.



The following pages give you quick access to the foundational parts of the ShipEngine API.


API Keys

On the API Keys page, you will find your production API keys that can be used to integrate with your live carriers and marketplaces, as well as Sandbox keys to test functionality. Learn more about generating new API Keys.


On this page, you can set up ShipEngine Carriers as well as connect your own carrier accounts. Learn more about connecting carriers in the user interface. If you want to connect carriers programmatically, see our developer guide.

Order sources

The Order sources page allows you to connect and manage orders via the Sales Order API. Learn more about the Sales Order API.


On the Webhooks page, you can set up webhooks for specific events. Learn more about creating webhook events in ShipEngine.


The pages in this section are where you can access features beneficial to your brand's success.


Label branding

The Label branding page is where you can upload your brand’s logo to appear on labels. Logos will appear on labels for carriers that support this feature. Learn more about customizing your labels with logos.

Tracking portal

With the Tracking portal, you can customize your customer-facing tracking display with your brand’s colors, logo, social media links, and more. Learn more about ShipEngine's Custom Tracking Portal.


On this page, you can enable ShipEngine’s built-in third-party insurance provider, Shipsurance. You can make a one-time purchase of funds or enable Auto-Funding of your Shipsurance account. Learn more about Shipsurance.


The pages in this section are for managing your ShipEngine account details like billing and user access.


Carrier Billing

The Carrier Billing page is where you can manage your ShipEngine Balance payment method to add funds that pay for your ShipEngine Carrier labels, package insurance fees, and any post-shipment adjustments that may occur.

Subscription Plan

The Subscription Plan page is where you manage your subscription payment method, which pays for your monthly subscription fee and any API overage fees you may incur each month.


On the Users page, you can add new users and deactivate old users. Learn more about managing users in ShipEngine.