Using the Sandbox

When you signup for a US ShipEngine account, you will automatically be provided a sandbox environment for testing purposes.

NOTE: At this time, Sandbox is only available for US accounts. ShipEngine is looking to add Sandbox environments for non-US accounts in the future. 

After signing into the ShipEngine Dashboard, you will see the Sandbox section in the left-side menu:


In the ShipEngine Sandbox, you will have access to the following carriers:

  • Stamps (USPS services)
  • FedEx
  • UPS

The Sandbox section of the dashboard is also where you can manage your Sandbox API Keys. All Sandbox API Keys will begin with TEST and only work with the ShipEngine Sandbox carriers. 

With the sandbox, you can freely create labels, get rates, and test ShipEngine’s various available resources. 

NOTE: Sandbox accounts will not necessarily have the same rates that you see in your carrier account. As these are test accounts, the rates do not reflect what you will see when you move to production and begin using your actual connected carriers. 

Check out our developer documentation for additional information regarding the ShipEngine Sandbox!