Custom Tracking Portal

ShipEngine's Custom Tracking Portal is a customer-facing shipment tracking page that you can customize with your company logo, name, business details, colors, and social media links. To customize a tracking portal, you'll create a theme in the Tracking Portal settings. You can create as many themes as you like!

Create a Theme

To create a theme:

  1. Go to Features > Tracking portal.

  2. Click Add a theme.

  3. Enter the branding details you'd like for this theme (required fields indicated with a red asterisk).

  4. Save your changes when done.

Once you’ve created the theme, you’ll see the Theme Name and an auto-generated Theme ID that you can use as the branded_tracking_theme_guid value when you create your Branded Tracking URL.

Logo Image

Guidelines for your Tracking Portal logo image:

  • File type: PNG or JPG

  • Background: White or other solid color (no transparent backgrounds)