Introduction to ShipEngine

Welcome to the ShipEngine help center! Here you can learn how to use ShipEngine’s features. To find  instructions on how to do something specific, use the search bar to search for terms, phrases, or even full questions.

What is ShipEngine?

At the most basic level, ShipEngine is a REST API composed of resources and operations that can be used to develop a variety of solutions for ecommerce platforms, logistics companies, and large ecommerce brands.

As an API, ShipEngine gives you the ability to pick and choose what aspects and features best suit your business needs. Use ShipEngine to build a real-time rate calculator on your website’s checkout page, create a user-facing tracking page with branded content, or use ShipEngine to create labels efficiently!

Get familiar with our API in the Getting Started section of our documentation. Then be sure to visit our Postman Walkthrough for an in-depth guide on how to use the ShipEngine API!

Who is ShipEngine For?

ShipEngine is for anyone seeking a robust and accessible API that provides the ability to create custom-made solutions unique to their shipping and ecommerce needs.

With this in mind, those who decide to use ShipEngine should have proper developer resources available to them. This may mean that you have a dedicated development team at your company. Or it could be that you are an independent developer confident in your knowledge of APIs and application development.

Though ShipEngine’s dashboard is a user interface, it is not a way to access and change your API resources. Please consider this fact in your decision to use ShipEngine.

If you are looking for a pre-built user-interface to manage orders and create shipping labels, consider using ShipStation.

Where Can I Use ShipEngine?

Currently, ShipEngine is available for users shipping out of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The most important thing to remember regarding these locations is that they determine where you are shipping from. This means that if you set up a ShipEngine account in the US, the address that you ship from needs to be located within the United States.

Contact Sales and Support

Reach out to our sales team to learn more about ShipEngine’s pricing or learn how ShipEngine can work for you!

For questions regarding how the ShipEngine API works or how to resolve errors, contact our support team via email or chat.

ShipEngine’s support chat hours are 9am CST to 5pm CST Monday through Friday.